A True Low Blow

Eric Weddle was fined $10,000 and placed on season-ending IR (despite not being injured) because he wanted to watch his 7-year-old daughter perform at halftime during the Chargers’ final home game. This decision by the Chargers has elicited a lot of anger from players, critics and even fans alike. But what makes it even worse is that it’s pretty obvious that the Chargers are doing this only to spite Weddle, a nine-year veteran.

Contract negotiations broke down over the summer and Eric Weddle actually held out for a few days at the beginning of training camp because he felt “disrespected” by the only team he’s ever been a member of. That said, many experts see this fine and subsequent placement on IR as petty retaliation on the part of the Chargers. For a player that has spent his entire career playing his heart out for one team, this must come as a real slap in the face to Weddle.

Also, it’s not like the Chargers’ halftime meetings have done an awful amount of good in terms of making adjustments to the team’s approach (they’re 4-11). Regardless, this decision that the Chargers made to punish Weddle for “perceived misdeeds” might come back to bite them in the ass.

Weddle’s agent announced that the case would be brought in front of the NFL Players’ Association and it’s hard to imagine that such a ridiculous punishment would be allowed to stand after being brought before the NFLPA.

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