A Home Run Derby With Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez? This Will Be A Classic.

The Home Run Derby is always the most fun part of the MLB All-Star Weekend, mainly because it’s all about watching the biggest homerun hitters in the big leagues destroy baseballs and send them as far as they can. This year will be a great year for the Derby, with the long ball becoming more and more common every passing month. Last month, the previous record of 1,078 homeruns by the entire league in one month was broken, something that signals that homeruns are a huge part of the league.

And leading the charge are players like the Yankees’ standouts Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. Only rookies, they already have a nickname as the Bash Bros. Sanchez has an ability to muscle pitches out of the park, but it is Judge who everyone should be most excited about. In an event that’s really just glorified batting practice, Judge should shine, seeing as he consistently launches pitches in BP over 500 feet. And it’ll provide both with the ability to show off their power to the entire country.

Defending his title in his home park will be Giancarlo Stanton, pretty much the only other player who can launch baseballs as far as Aaron Judge, so there will be some stiff competition. Along with Stanton will be Cody Bellinger, standout rookie for the Dodgers who also has a penchant for launching balls really deep into the stands.

Needless to say, the Home Run Derby this year will be very fun. To tell the truth, it’ll always be fun, but this year has the potential to be better than all the rest.

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