A Hard Blow, But One They’ll Endure

There’s a school of thought that explains how adversity can translate into success, if the situation is right. It’s well known, but seeing it actually happen is relatively rare. However, when that success after a fall does come, it’s made much sweeter because of what the successful party endured.

Unfortunately for the New York Yankees, it was announced that top-flight pitcher Luis Severino will need Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire 2020 season. Obviously, it’s unfortunate, particularly for Severino, who spent virtually all of last season battling various injuries, only managing to pitch a meager 20 innings over the course of the year. So, the heartbreaking news that he’ll miss the entire season is just awful, particularly for him.

However, the New York Yankees will not suffer in his absence. As I said, he only pitched 20 innings last season, or the equivalent of three quality starts (6+ innings pitched) and change. This means that he wasn’t a key player on the team last year. Yet the Yankees managed to win 103 games last year. It doesn’t look like they were hurting for support last year. However, what makes this year’s outlook even brighter is that they’ve signed Gerrit Cole, who had his first appearance in pinstripes a couple days ago. Basically, a pitching staff that helmed a 103-win team minus Severino is now adding baseball’s best pitcher over the last two or three seasons, and he’ll continue to be for a while longer.

My point is that the Yankees won’t suffer because of Severino’s absence. It doesn’t change the fact that everyone’s gutted for him, but the season will go on, and it will be markedly better than last year.

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