A Giant Reborn

Struggles are natural in sports. After all, no team will ever be perfect. Even the “Invincibles,” the 2003-04 Arsenal team that went a whole season without a single loss, did not win every game. However, the best teams do a lot of winning and very little losing. So, why did the New York Yankees, one of two favorites to win this year’s World Series, lose 15 out of 20 games? How could a team that’s supposedly so good become so inept? And how could they rise again?

The New York Yankees for years have been known as the “Evil Empire.” The franchise, led by the Steinbrenner family, has unabashedly spent all the money necessary to ensure that they field the best players around. However, they’ve had a problem, particularly in the past few years. For all the credit that their players and coaches get for being so overwhelmingly good, they have a glaring weakness: their training staff.

Now why is their training staff bad? I couldn’t tell you, but I do know they’re awful because there have been countless examples over the past few seasons of players getting injured, going on the injured list (IL) to recover, being activated from the injured list, and immediately getting reinjured. So, they’ve earned their dubious reputation of being shockingly awful at what they do. As for why they’ve remained employed for so long, I can’t tell you and won’t even begin to think about it.

So, during their skid of losing 15 games out of 20, the Yankees had several key players, like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and DJ LeMahieu on the IL. However, they’re now all healthy, and they were even given extra time to recover from their injuries, which means that they’ve likely received proper diagnoses.

Here’s where this gets good: immediately after LeMahieu and Stanton returned, the Yankees hit an MLB-record 39 homeruns over the course of a three-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. And now, Judge is back. Which means the Yankees are back. Just in time to dominate the playoffs. Just watch them do it. And be ready to watch a bunch of baseballs sail over the fence.

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