A Beautiful New Stadium

Design is a key part of how sports are seen nowadays. In the world of soccer, in fact, how stadiums are designed help form part of the club’s identity. For instance, Bursaspor, a team in Turkey Super Lig, has a unique stadium. The team’s nickname is the Green Crocodiles, so their stadium actually looks like a green crocodile. However, there’s a new stadium planned in China that is set to break records.

Guangzhou Evergrande, one of the Chinese Super League’s premier squads, announced plans to build a 100,000-seat stadium in the shape of a lotus flower. Once finished, it’ll set the record for the largest soccer-specific stadium on Earth, beating out FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou. However, there are a few concerns about it.

First off, the stadium will cost $1.7 billion, and there are some small concerns about whether the club can afford it. I know that the price won’t be much of a problem, seeing as the club is owned by a multi-billionaire, but it remains to be seen how quickly it can be completed. That leads me to the second concern: when will it be done? Apparently, the Chinese FA wants it to be done in time to host the opening match of the 2023 Asian Cup. Normally, I would think that this would be ok (the entire Shanghai subway system was built in less than a decade, so a stadium shouldn’t be too daunting), but these are strange times we’re living in. The Chinese economy is on track to have its first year without growth since the 1970s and apparently they’re still having issues with COVID-19. Additionally, you can see from the picture that the stadium will be architecturally complex. So, can they really accomplish the build in only three years?

Regardless of how much time it takes to build, however, it must be said that this is one of the most beautiful stadiums ever planned and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Exactly when that happens though, I’m not too sure.

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