Mourinho OUT

Sports fans are notoriously tough on those in charge, namely head coaches/managers, especially if they’re in charge of a legendary franchise. Such is the case with the enigmatic Jose Mourinho, who has begun his third season in charge of Manchester United in virtually the worst way possible. In fact, the only saving grace is that […]

Anarchy in La Liga…for playing in North America?

It seems like La Liga’s plans for a North American visit are on hold after the league’s player union came out and announced that they are “unanimously against” holding league matches on the other side of the Atlantic. Obviously, this is a serious issue that could jeopardize the league’s 15-year deal with Relevant Sports, who […]

Genius from the Redskins, or are they just confused?

The anticipation for the beginning of the NFL season is palpable, but that doesn’t mean that crazy, game-changing stories can’t manifest before it even begins. Case in point, the Washington Redskins are talking to legendary running back Adrian Peterson in the hopes of signing him to a deal. Now, is this a good move, a […]

Is This the End Of Arsenal’s Grassroots Culture?

Football (or soccer) was founded in England, and few clubs can truly be called “original.” That said, one of the prime candidates for this would be the beloved and much-hated (depending on who you ask) Arsenal Football Club. The team was originally founded on December 1, 1886 by group of munitions workers in the Royal […]