The Unexpected has happened at the World Cup…we should have expected this

Through the first round of group stage matches, it has become blatantly apparent that many of the favored teams in the tournament simply can’t be favored any longer. This is due to two factors: smaller teams coming through big time and bigger teams, who on paper should be more capable, grossly underperforming. Because of this […]

The Biggest Day In The History Of Panamanian Football

Today marked a momentous occasion in the history of a passionate, soccer-obsessed country as Panama played its first ever match in the World Cup. It didn’t matter that they lost 3-0 to Belgium, a result that had been widely expected. To the Panamanian fans, all that mattered was seeing their national team finally compete on […]

The Misery of a So-Called God

Today’s match pitting Argentina and Iceland against each other was already going to be more difficult for the Albiceleste than some stat sheet would tell you. However, very few people would have been able to predict exactly how poorly Argentina’s best player would have performed. Following yesterday’s hat-trick by arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo against a much […]

The So-Called “Best Group Stage Match Ever” Lived Up to the Hype

The Portugal-Spain match was insanely great. Plain and simple. Everything that fans could have wanted to see was on full display. Lots of goals: Check. Great ball-handling: Check. Costly errors that add drama: Check. My earlier prediction was 90% right. In fact, it was 100% right until a man named Cristiano Ronaldo reintroduced himself to […]