Thank The Good Lord That James Dolan Finally Did Something Right

For the record, New York Knicks fans don’t usually have a lot to celebrate. The NBA franchise that was part of the league’s Original Six and is based in the city regarded as the “Mecca of Basketball” today is defined by a combination of inability and ineptitude. Basically, the Knicks usually can’t do anything right. […]

Why Lonzo Ball Won’t Be The Great Player That Some People Think He’ll Be

Going into Thursday’s NBA Draft, it’s been widely assumed that the first two picks are already set in stone. The consensus #1 pick is Markelle Fultz, a big point guard from Washington who’s been compared to the likes of James Harden. While this is high praise for someone who hasn’t even been drafted yet, it […]

Stop Trying To Destroy The Knicks, Phil!

A rumor has been circulating since Tuesday morning regarding the New York Knicks and its embattled president of basketball operations, Phil Jackson. It involves trading the team’s up and coming star Kristaps Porzingis and the rumor has understandably pissed off almost every New York Knicks fan. That’s because Porzingis has been virtually the only ray […]

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Really Going To Leave Real Madrid?

News has been circling for the past week that Cristiano Ronaldo feels threatened and victimized by Spanish tax authorities and wants to leave Real Madrid. According to various news outlets, the Spanish authorities are quoting Ronaldo for 14.7 million euros in unpaid taxes, an accusation to which he maintains his innocence. That said, he’s said […]