“I am not a saint, but I’m not the devil either”

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most scrutinized player on the planet. Not just in soccer, but maybe overall. He obviously has competition in that regard but I feel like Ronaldo gets a lot of unfair treatment, especially considering the achievements he’s attained. After Real Madrid won their first La Liga title in 5 years on […]

A Pathetic Performance to end the MVP discussion

Throughout the 2016-17 NBA Regular Season and into the Playoffs, one discussion has dominated the rest: Who should win MVP? Russell Westbrook or James Harden? I’ve thrown my support behind Westbrook from the beginning of the season along with numerous other people, but that hasn’t stopped a seemingly equal amount of people from supporting Harden. […]

Someone new has perfected “The Unstoppable Shot”

Throughout the history of the NBA, there are images seared into our collective memories, many of them trademark moves of the legends of the league. Among them are Jerry West’s drive (forever immortalized in the league’s logo), Kareem’s skyhook, George Gervin’s finger roll, and Jordan’s fadeaway…better known as “The Unstoppable Shot.” The move got its […]