Why Lie?

As the Australian Open begins, the big stories, as always, are the big name players, as well as predictions.  However, this year’s Open is unique because there is a new story that has confused a lot of people.  You see, Rafael Nadal is not participating in the tournament this year because of, as his representatives […]

Roll Tide

In Alabama, besides the standard “Hello” and “How are you,” a common greeting/farewell/expression etc. is “Roll Tide.”  When a saying that started at a university’s football program permeates the laws of social behavior and becomes part of it, it becomes obvious that the Alabama Crimson Tide means everything to the entire state.  In fact, you […]

This is the End

Yesterday, Ray Lewis announced that he will retire from the NFL after the end of the playoffs, ending a 17-year career that has been labeled as one of the greatest ever by many writers. I believe that my reaction to the news accurately reflects those of countless other football fans. I screamed. I felt like […]

Where’s the cheapest place to see a game?

Ticket pricing for most of the NBA’s teams makes attendance at basketball games affordable.  On Saturday, I made my first (of hopefully many) visits to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I was blown away!  In addition to all the typical things arenas have (food stands, merch vendors, etc.) there was a full sized basketball court […]